We spend a lot of time discussing different ideas on how to create a better experience for our customers and what the customer experience all entails. Each discussion starts with what I as a consumer expect from the companies I choose to spend my hard earned cash with.

Whether it’s buying groceries, going to watch a movie, buying new flooring for my living room or materials for the addition on my house there are takeaways from each that you can implement in your business today. Here are 5 opportunities where a facelift can can help you create a better customer experience!


1. It Starts With Your Website

In a recent study by Pew, 8 in 10 consumers now shop online. Over half of those people purchased items from their phone. If you’re thinking that people are doing this just for convenience, you’re wrong. Much of it has to do with the informing themselves. Today’s consumer is savvy and consumes information so when they enter their store they already have an idea of what they want and what its going to cost. Your website is quite literally the door to your company today. Not only should your website be updated, it should be mobile responsive and it should list the products you sell.

2. Care About Your Online Reviews

82% of consumers consult online reviews before purchasing an item for the first time. That’s a large portion of potential buyers you’re leaving up to chance if you are not currently driving your customers to leave reviews. Don’t sugarcoat them either. Having real, authentic reviews is extremely important as consumers aren’t dumb. 48% of consumers believe it’s difficult to tell whether or not the reviews are truthful and unbiased.

3. Update Your Showroom

The good news is, 64% of online shoppers said that all things being equal they still prefer to shop in store. With that in mind, the “we stock everything” concept is increasingly off putting for consumers as they grapple with a sea of products. Consumers engage with what interests them so redesigning a showroom that has less in terms of product racks but more in real world application like a usable kitchen to host a cooking class or a water resistant floor demonstration will allow the consumer to visualize what that product will look like in their home.

4. Your People

A classic mistake companies make is not investing in their people. Nearly 9 in 10 adults currently in the workforce believe it is important to receive continual training. Yet few companies invest in training. This is a huge problem as consumers are driving change and your people not being up to date on the latest techniques or trends leave’s a lot to chance in how today’s consumer prefers to be served.

5. Update and Leverage Your Technology Stack

There are so many options available at your fingertips today to help your people deliver a 21st century experience it’s ridiculous. From POS and inventory systems like Square to online payment processing companies like Stripe to esignature platforms like Docusign that allow you to create a modern customer experience that consumers expect today. Like many companies I speak to, if you’re not reviewing your technology stack and seeing what is new every year then you’r doing your entire company a disservice as the best companies make sure they are equipping their people with the best tools to help them create an amazing customer experience.