Back in 1970, coming from college to the only school that teaches how to grade hardwood lumber was lets just say, a jolt. Otis Goolsby was a unique guy with more sayings than Carters has pills! A limited education but driven to excel, Otis taught a mantra never forgotten. “Son, if all you’re gunna give is good enough, well, then that’s all you’re gunna get outta life…

Graduation came and Otis pulled me aside and showed me a poem he puts in each class year book, Edgar Guest’s “Good Enough”. To this day, I still have it and can’t count the copies I’ve given folks over the years.

I ran a business, helped a few along the way and looking at what’s eating folks up today it hit me “good enough” is still relevant today. From the first fax machines to smart phones we’ve seen the world spin so much faster and at times it’s hard to grasp. Some of us can’t grasp it while others accept “good enough”.

As you look at your company, your job or hell the way you live your life the view is the same. Are we doing just “good enough”? As an old dog learning new tricks (and teaching a few I might add) I am struck by just how real this is. Working with some companies who remain operating at “good enough” and on the flip side the 10% who will not tolerate that and are open minded enough to embrace the changes they know are needed are willing to make that challenging move.

Who stops at “good enough” shall find, Success has left them far behind
– Edgar Guest

Survival in the future, especially in industries that haven’t felt the sting of todays consumers changing purchasing habits, for retail and wholesale markets will live and die by “good enough”. In our daily efforts to help companies increase sales and adjust to real time business intelligence we engage with so many owners and C suite execs who actually wind up saying “what we have is good enough”! One has to ask, do they really understand how their people work? Sell? Support/service customers? I am often amazed at their comments and lack of understanding. Today’s information overload allows a multitude of avenues to pursue yet we continue to see a struggle to understand that market erosion will continue.

New technology, instituting a process, implementing some disciplines can definitely bring better results to the bottom line. The time is now to embrace and disrupt or be disrupted to only watch things dissolve before your eyes.

Whether in work or daily life, are we happy with just “good enough”?