We talk a lot about experiences and it’s for a good reason, it’s what today’s consumer is looking for in their interactions with any brand. They also look for memorable experiences. Especially experiences that allow them to share a photo with their 17 followers on Instagram or tweet about “how awesome Jane was to worth work with down at Bodiddly’s Flooring”.

It’s all about standing out in a crowded field of options. Whether you’ve been in business for 100 years or if this is your first year in business, ask you need to be asking yourself one question. How easy is it for a potential customer to buy from you?

If you’re sitting there and saying to yourself “I already make it easy for them to buy from me” and your sales process only includes paper contracts, hard signatures and a manual credit card swipe then it’s time to update your sales process. Imagine what your customers would be saying if they called you to tell you what kind of product they wanted, you sent over a contract while you had them on the phone, they signed the contract digitally and you took their credit card and processed the payment online! The customer can attend their daughters soccer game or play catch with their son in the yard instead of coming back into the store and you just gave them that opportunity simply because you made it easier to buy from you.

These are the kinds of experiences customers desire today. They can get those experiences in just about every other facet of their life and if they can’t, they’ll keep searching for a company that will deliver that experience. Think about it this way, if somebody can purchase a house from their phone today they’re going to expect to be able buy flooring from their phone as well.

Customer experience isn’t something that you can set and forget anymore. It’s something that constantly requires work and a great place to start is to make it easier for the customer to buy from you. Don’t forget, you’re a consumer as well so take a step back and think about the experience you’d want if you were buying a new deck and deliver that experience for your customers.

For us, we’ve delivered all of this into a single platform, Lead Tool, that allows us to focus on streamlined efficiency as we practice what we preach in delivering the best possible experience for our customers. We’re constantly iterating on what that experience is. Digital contracts, e-signatures and online payment processing is the next step in that evolution so if you’re interested in how this will help your customer experience I’m always available to talk!