Holiday sales. I spoke about them last year around this same time as everybody has one but virtually nobody is maximizing the opportunity to the fullest potential of revenue.

For many of you, holiday sales drive in the most foot traffic you see all year. That’s what they’re designed for anyway and with the rise of the internet the old adage location, location, location becomes less of a necessity.

Before I get into a few things you can do to maximize the upcoming 4th of July sale I’m going to point out something that should be obvious, not every customer that visits your store for your holiday sale is going to buy from you during said holiday sale. If you can wrap your head around that then we have all the fixin’s for setting this holiday sale up to keep producing for you months after the sale ended!


1. Capture Everything

This may seem like a no brainer but many of you are not doing this well today. This has to be a part of your sales process not just for holidays but for everyday and that’s to capture every single person’s information that has any interaction with your brand whether it’s in store or over the phone. Make this your religion. Whether they’re buying today or not, doesn’t matter. You cannot effectively maximize your holiday sale or your sales in general if you are not capturing everybody’s information who you interact with. For instance, the consumer buying journey for flooring from when they start to do their research until they buy is 149 days long. Let that sink in.


2. Always Follow Up

Make sure you are doing what you said you would do. If you told the customer you’d email them a quote for the flooring they’re looking at, if you said you’d call to schedule a measure or if you said you would text them when you’re in the next day so they can come back to see you after they spent the night thinking about what to buy, it’s crucial you follow through with it. This is going to require a system where all this information can be stored, automated and reported on. Your people may bulk at the notion that as the owner you have access to who they’re working with and all that it entails. I can assure you the reaction of your people pales in comparison to the damage that is occurring to your brand simply because your people prefer to write potential customer information down on a piece of paper and stick it in a folder only to forget about it. An easier way to put it is, you’re trying to help them be better at what they do best.


3. Be Consistent

You spend a lot of money marketing holiday sales so the days of not knowing what the true return on your investment need to be over. You have access to a treasure trove of data to help you make better decisions faster. The only thing stopping you is not consistently capturing customer information, consistently following up with the customer who doesn’t buy today and holding your people accountable for it. The sooner you implement a system and a process that consistently affords your people an opportunity to create more experiences with customers is the minute you will realize just how much food you’ve been leaving out on the table for your competitors to gobble up.

These may seem like three very basic things to do to maximize your holiday sale however, it’s a solid foundation that can be repeated across your sales team to help them create more amazing experiences for their customers while not letting those customers who aren’t ready to buy today slip through the cracks. Do this everyday and that holiday sale will produce for you long after it’s over. Happy selling!