Working in the startup world culture is everything. We eat it, drink it and embody it to our core in everything we do. When it comes to hiring somebody, “will this person fit our culture” is the deciding factor on whether or not she will be offered a position.

Culture drives where our offices are located. Culture determines what kind of cars are in our parking lot. Culture drives our interactions with customers. Simply put, culture determines everything we do as an organization no matter how big or how small the task may be. It’s who we are as company.

We are all working towards an end result that we each believe in. The way we are going to achieve that result is by not just helping our customers but by helping our customers customer. For example, when we think about developing certain features in our product we ask ourselves is this going to make it easier for our customers to customer to buy from them? We respond within 5 minutes to any inquiry no matter the time or day it’s sent. If a customer calls in to our sales team needing help with the system we don’t tell the customer to call the support line back, we help them right then and there. It’s never a me first attitude.

Culture determines everything we do as an organization

I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of people at all levels companies both big and small throughout my sales career. There are great cultures and there are terrible cultures just like there are great employees and terrible employees. The trick is to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie through a clearly defined goal while empowering your people to not only achieve that goal but surpass it. It sounds pretty easy right? It’s a hell of a lot easier said than done. It takes constant work and communication but it starts with true leadership. It’s great to get buy in from your people whether it’s about strategy or hiring or choosing software. There’s a balance between listening to feedback and making the decision in the overall best interest of the organization.

The best companies don’t let “my people won’t use it” or “my people don’t like change” become the mantra of their organization. Those same companies blend the way it was with the way it is today. It takes leadership, constant work and dedication to what you want your culture to be. The only question left is, what is your culture?